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Monday, November 30, 2009

I feel heaven reaching out inside my soul....

Hello again!
I won't write daily, but seeing as I just started yesterday, I think that writing on my blog today will be just fine. :)
Just to give you a taste of my writing style, I'm going to post my poem and it's meaning. Enjoy!


Nimbly undoing the clasps,
the treasure beams forth.
I carefully lift out the baby,
my precious lullaby.

Jerking him upright,
the angel is silent.
I dress him with ease,
my perfect harmony.

Touching my lips to him,
the star he resembles bursts forth.
I set him down,
my stunning melody.

As I jail him yet again,
the thief strikes once more.
I restrain his brilliance,
my beautiful trumpet.


Meanings of lines:
"Nimbly undoing the clasps,
the treasure beams forth."
This is where I am opening my trumpet case and when I see my trumpet.


"Jerking him upright,
the angel is silent."
I have to jerk my trumpet around a lot, especially during marching season. Of course, during this time I am not playing it, so it is silent.

"I dress him with ease,
my perfect harmony."
It's easy to put together my trumpet - it only has two different pieces, the body and the mouthpiece.

"Touching my lips to him,
the star he resembles bursts forth."
This is when I put my lips to the mouthpiece and play music on it. "The star he resembles bursts forth" is talking about how when I play it, you can see and hear it's beauty.

"As I jail him yet again,
the thief strikes once more.
I restrain his brilliance..."
This is when, sadly, I have to put him back in his case. As I close the case and 'jail' him, he strikes again! What does this thief steal from me? My heart. Yes, my trumpet has indeed stolen my heart! I love him so!

Now, notice how I word things in my poem.

The first lines in all the stanzas:
"Nimbly undoing the clasps"
"Jerking him upright"
"Touching my lips to him"
"As I jail him yet again"
... I am doing something. I used verbs here to explain the action I was doing.

The second lines:
"the treasure beams forth"
"the angel is silent"
"the star he resembles bursts forth"
"the thief strikes once more"
... not only is my trumpet also doing an action (beaming forth, being silent, bursting forth, and striking once more), but I use metaphors to describe him (I call him a treasure, an angel, a star, and a thief).

The third lines:
"I carefully lift out the baby"
"I dress him with ease"
"I set him down"
"I restrain his brilliance"
... once again I am doing something. I used verbs here, and purposefully made them confusing. You don't figure out I'm talking about my trumpet until the last line in my poem. muhahaha.

The last lines:
"my precious lullaby"
"my perfect harmony"
"my stunning melody"
"my beautiful trumpet"
... I use musical terms here. I call him my lullaby, harmony, and melody, before I finally reveal that he is my trumpet.

ta-da! the end.

I write many different kinds of poems, and each poem of mine was spurred on by events in my life, emotions I'm feeling, or thoughts I'm having. I think deeply when I write. Okay, enough of my geeky-ness though. Movin' on...

So, I was in Starbucks the other day, and I was wondering: Where does caffeine come from? Like, there's caffeinated coffee, and decaf... does the decaf have caffeine taken out of it, or does the caffeinated coffee have caffeine added to it? That's just some food (haha... "food"...) for thought!

Well, I'll leave off with that. Just know - you're awesome. Jesus loves you.

Yours in Christ,
Elle Camino

Sunday, November 29, 2009

what the heck am I doing?

Well, let's just jump right in!
I'm Kristen, and I have a large blended family. My parents divorced when I was in 2nd grade, and my dad remarried that same year, so I'm close with everyone!
I have a billion friends! I love them all dearly, and a few may be mentioned every once in a while.
I LOVE reading and writing. Give me some books and I'll be satisfied until they're devoured (which will not take that long - trust me!), and if you put me in a library, you'll have to DRAG me and my hundred books out! Along with that, I've always dreamed of being a writer. Not to brag, but I've won a couple of awards, and I have some poems published already!
I play one of the most beautiful instruments in the world - the trumpet. I've had him since 5th grade. Of course, he has a gender, and a name. I do not know how his gender was discovered, but his name (voted on by my awesome friends and I), is Sir Arthur. I know what you're thinking, and yes, my friends and I were just geeky enough to have a vote in 7th grade on all of our instruments' names. I'm a band geek, and proud!
I'm also a Christian, and I stand up and speak out for my beliefs. My name, Kristen, means "Christian", and as a Christian, I strive to be "Christ-like"; a Follower of Christ. More on that later, though. But Jesus is my Savior(:
As you will find more about later, I can be random and weird, but that's just how I am!
I think that's good for the boring, "Let's get to know this blogger who we may or may not care about yet but I'm reading this first post because it's her first post obviously, and she has to write a first post obviously, so it needs to be an 'about me' section so that we get to know her, blahblahblah."

Peace, yo.
Elle Camino