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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Visual Concepts

So, while writing, this whole time I've had to keep visual concepts and ideas in my head about the characters in the setting. But do you know what would be so much easier? If I found things related to them and posted them!

So, here are some of my characters and settings!:


Okay, so when I imagine him, I imagine him as having the depth of Robert Pattinson in Remember Me

But I don't imagine David looking like him, not quite.

Maybe something sort-of like this older photo of Orlando Bloom (above), but a little scruffier.


I can imagine this picture of Jake Gyllenhaal as Max, except with brown eyes


Except maybe with some more facial hair...

anyways, I think that these are good representations of my characters for now!


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  1. I just wish i had the novel so I knew the characters, miss Kristen!! Please send the revised version to me so I can put it on my nook and get that cover started for you!! Oh, and if you do have any ideas for the cover lemme know so I can include them :). Luffs you and you have a very attractive cast ;).